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From caps to t-shirts : the art of Von Dutch customization

Von Dutch has gone back to traditional values, bringing out a world wide collection of t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, caps and belts.

The brand has gone back to the roots allowing Kenneth Howard, alias Von Dutch, who has inspired a whole generation with his nonconformist attitude, his art his incredible imagination, values which persist and can be found today in Von Dutch.

The logo Von Dutch can be found on each and every product, symbolising Kenneth Howardís unique talent, a true icon of his time. Considered by everyone as the inventor of the "Kustom Kulture", Kenneth Howard was the forerunner of the style, completely uninfluenced by others. The only thing that mattered was his passionÖ

The designs of the new Von Dutch models are true to the art of Kenneth Howard. The goal is of course to use his name as a catalyser, which rejoices the "Lifestyle normal" to each and every one of us, driven by a joint passion Authenticity.

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