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This year, no one could miss the cap trend. Make way for the sportswear boom where the cap inevitably finds its place. Whether in the field of luxury or sport, everyone finds the model of cap that suits him.

Today, everyone has seized the cap to accessorize his outfit. The cap commonly used for baseball, now takes a whole new form to evolve in the world of style and fashion! Thanks to caps, everyone can have an attitude and a look worthy of the name.

The first Von Dutch caps arrived to pay tribute to Kustom Kulture and to keep the brand alive! Today, the caps are imprinted with this history and use the codes of modernity, to offer us an incredible range.

The cap, mainly used for sports, has been democratized, to become the essential accessory of all outfits! Chic, sportwear or even preppy, the cap can be worn in all circumstances and for all styles.

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