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Polo Shirts

At Von Dutch, we are committed to classic and original pieces. So we leave a lot of room for polo shirts that fulfill these two values: classicism and originality!

With its pretty collars and cotton material, the polo is very easy to wear and to match with your outfit. If you want to wear the polo for a stricter and more professional effect, then pair it with a suit jacket, a leather belt and of course, tuck the polo into your jeans or pants and close the buttons of the polo up to the top, for an irresistibly classy look!

For a more casual look, the polo can also be the perfect piece. Worn with Bermuda shorts, light jeans or pants, this top will be your go-to for everyday wear. Add a cap and sneakers and you have the casual style of the year!

At Von Dutch, there are polo shirts of all colors, mottled colors, cotton pique, speckled or simple, you will find the model that suits you perfectly!