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While summer is here, it's high time to get your favorite tank top. Because yes, in summer men wear tank tops, because the stifling heat, makes us want to wear as little fabric as possible!

In this case, the tank top is the ideal piece, for your summer days. Famously called Marcel, in France. It is in 1860, in Paris that the Marcel was born. As you know Von Dutch is full of history and the brand is very interested in authenticity, that's why the marcel, or more commonly called the tank top, has its place in our boutiques! While a handler at Les Halles, was embarrassed by his sweater that prevented him from establishing great movement, he cut his sleeves and without knowing it created: the tank top!

Today, it is advisable to wear a tank top with well-defined muscles. Otherwise, it can quickly fall into the cliché of the old marcel.

But don't panic, at Von Dutch, we offer you a sexy tank top, to be worn close to the body, showing off your figure and muscles. The ideal piece for the great athletes and fans of bodybuilding!